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Unknown tourist countries, if you are planning a tourist trip and spend an enjoyable vacation, America will be one of your prominent destinations, Rome, France, Dubai and other famous tourist cities that are rarely unknown to the public, but many tourist destinations may be the most wonderful and enjoyable cities and you may have time Happy and a pleasant tour, but you did not hesitate to listen to be at the top of your choices, and in these lines we will show you the most prominent and most important of those cities, which are the beautiful submerged tourist cities that many do not know, including Asian cities such as Kyrgyzstan, or cities on the European continent such as Azerbaijan, and others One of the cities with many tourist attractions, you may be on your way to it by Indigo.

  Falkland Islands

In Britain, you find the Falkland Islands, a land that belongs to British territory, where you see the most beautiful landscapes in the migration of birds, where penguins, polar birds, seals and many other creatures that capture the eyes and scenes intended for the traveler who love living and pets are inhabited.

Futuna Island

It is one of the small coastal islands in central Polynesia. It is a city that belongs to one of the submerged states known as Alice. Its population does not exceed five thousand people. Fotona still retains the old picture of life unaffected by the developments that have affected the world and modern technology.

Federated States of Micronesia

These states consist of four states, located in the Pacific Ocean, and these states are distinguished by the fact that although they are located on the same geographical point, each of them has a different and distinct climate from the other. united.


The island of Kyrgyzstan is located in the continent of Central Asia, specifically between Kazakhstan and China, and has the most beautiful amazing landscapes that harmonize with the rich Bedouin environment, and you will see a lake that is the most beautiful among the Asian lakes, located in a green valley inside it.


The island of Vanuatu is located in the southern Pacific region, which was settled nearly 3,500 years ago, and was visited in 1774 by the legendary explorer James Cook. And also eat delicious food in restaurants and cafes there.

Kiribati Island

It is located in the Pacific Ocean, and its population is large for a submerged island such as that, reaching 100,000 people, and the island is known for the warm weather and its height, so tourism in it requires careful drinking of large quantities of water and the use of sunscreen, and the island is famous for the historical effects left by the World War. the second.


Far from the ocean and coastal areas, this island is located, as it is located in a mountainous region in the continent of Central Asia, and is located at the meeting point between a number of Asian countries, surrounded by Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, China and Afghanistan, where you will see the beauty of mountainous nature, especially in the spring, which is the most appropriate time for that round.


Submerged to the point that you will not find it registered in the dictionaries of language and word dictionaries, and it is subject to French rule. But you know, the costs of tourism are high

Ivory Coast

The city is located in the western part of Africa, bordered by the city of Burkina Faso, and the coast was an old trade route between the year 1000 and 1500 AD, and then many cultures and kingdoms emerged, and the coast became a trading port used by countries European countries, and Ivory Coast gained independence from France after 1961.

In Ivory Coast, you will get a tourist entertainment trip between the natural phenomena in the forests and their animals, which are rainforests filled with different plants, and on their white sand beaches, you will have an exciting atmosphere and an enjoyable trip between its natural attractions.


The city of Palau is located in the Western Pacific region, and it is an island full of other smaller islands. Palau was the coveted by many European and Asian countries, where Japan, Germany and Spain all claimed the right to the city but did not become affiliated with one of them. You will have a tour among the most famous water sports and games, as well as You will see the effects of ancient wars, and if you want the best time to visit the city, it is between February and March.

Finally, you will have different fun if your trip is in one of those cities that are still not known about much of its landmarks, which means you have an interesting and exciting trip and everything in it is new that the eyes did not see on the screens and not transmitted by many visitors